2014 Summary

It's been an interesting year this one, we've been off on a few adventures. We can definitely say we've seen more of the halls of Bristol as the room bookings system caught innovatism, and we've very happily brought our colourful whirlwind to all ups and downs and sides of the UK. Highlights have been dancing and singing the sun up in Edinburgh with fellow southern folkies for IVFDF 2014, an ebullient array of festivals in the summer - with room (swept for us, no doubt, by a certain little broom) for some quantum mumming, and a visit to sunny East Anglia just before the start of term. We've met a fantastic amount of new friends, and our side is looking rather bustling with new talents.

Good one Rag, thank you all again. Onwards and even further upwards!

December 2014
The Christmas dance tour of St Werburgh's was the highlight. You missed us? The City Farm goats didn't.
November 2014
Just two dance workshops and a ceilidh! One was a tempting introduction to the Bledington tradition. The ceilidh spot was at the wonderful Bath Ceilidh.
October 2014
As well as running our recriuting stall at UBU FRESH, we have entertained our good friends the morris team from L'Homme Vert, St Pierre-sur-Orthe, and celebrated Hallowe'en at The Cottage Inn in style with the customary seasonal silliness.
September 2014
The new term saw us touring East Anglia and then out at at Stroud Folk Festival. Then came University FRESH and the promise of new recruits - to all of whom, welcome!
August 2014
We take a summer break in August... except we managed to squeeze in a visit to the Bath Folk Festival and another Bath visit to dance with Priston Jubilee Morris!
July 2014
One of the year's highlights: Priddy Folk Festival. Not just dancing, but the first performances of our new Mummers' style play, The Big Bang. and more pub outings, of course.
June 2014
Right at the start:the wonderful Wessex Folk Festival at the Harbourside, Weymouth. Then more pub dance-outs, including with other sides, North Street Summer Fair, Solstice at Stanton Drew, Ragged and Old Morris's 30th Birthday Tour.
May 2014
Mad May! May morning at 4.30 a.m., then school visits; Bristol Folk Festival, Colston Hall May Fayre, Hutton May Fair, Westbury on Trym May Fair, Pigsty Morris's Day of Dance, off to the seaside for Brighton Morris Men's Day of Dance, pub dance-outs...
April 2014
... a month off!
March 2014
Off to Edinburgh for the InterVarsity Folk Dance Festival (IVFDF)...
February 2014
Once again we danced at the Cheltenham Folk Festival.
January 2014
We began the year in style, dancing on 1st January at Priston Jubileee's New Year dance-out.
Then came the wassails: Southville Community Orchard, Hutton (with guns!), and St Werburgh's City Farm.