Rag Creations

Over the years Rag has done more than just dancing.

- We've performed plays (visit our Mummers section).

- We've made giants.

- We have a lovely Rag banner to display.

- We have badges to sell.

- We even have our own Rag song. If you're lucky, ask nicely and maybe ply us with a drink or two we might even sing it for you!

- Our Fool carries a Bonking Stick called Billy the Bonker. Don't ask. Over the years we've made four of which we've lost two and worn out two! A fifth is in design... He (it?) features in the song preceding our dancing the Adderbury dance The Three Musketeers:

'Some talk of Alexander, and some of Hercules,
Of great big Morris dancers, with gurt great knobbly knees,
But of all the world's great heroes there's no one who can conquer,
With a rum-titty-tum and a belt up the bum from Billy the Bonker'.

There. Great art.