Who can come to a Rag practice?

Everybody! Membership is open to anybody aged 16 or over, and we always welcome new members. If you want to join us contact or just come along to a practice session and give it a go.

What happens?

As we perform dances from several village traditions, we practice the different traditions in sequence through the year.

Normally we'll demonstrate the dance we're going to teach. Then the Foreman will teach the constituent parts of the dance until you know the whole thing, and we'll dance it through a couple of times. After that, we can either practice something learned in a previous week, so you don't forget everything, or learn another dance from the same tradition. At some point in the evening we'll all have a meeting to discuss what events are being planned. We'll be dancing out and about at events throughout the year and the best way to learn a dance is by performing it - so we'll make sure you're dancing out as quickly as possible!

Visit our dance pages. to find out more about what and how we dance.

'Practice makes better'

Where do we practice?

Usually we practice in the students union building on Queens Rd. However, the union building is currently undergoing renovation work which means we sometimes have to move to an alternative venue for practice, usually the Bristol Comunnity Dance Centre, Jacobs Wells Road, Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 1DX. During this time period the exact location of the next practice will always be posted on the front page of and posted on our Facebook page.

When do we practice?

We practice on Thursday evenings during university term times (and other Thursdays when the Students' Union building is open). During the summer term we alternate practices with dance-outs at pubs in and around Bristol (for list of dance-outs see our events calendar).

Outside university term time we are less likely to be teaching new dances. We use this time to consolidate the dances we know, or to dance the more unusual ones that don't get an outing very often. Practice times in the university holidays may be different, so please check!

August is traditionally our month off, the union closes so there's no practice - but we'll still have the occasional dance out.

It may be worth contacting someone in advance if you've not been to practice before, just in case the Students' Union security is strict (as is sometimes the case); or in case we are elsewhere that night!

Contact: or

Rehearsal in the Art Room for a mummers play. Photo © L.J.P. Kilford, 2010

A few good reasons why you ought to join Rag Morris:

It's Fun;
It's Free;
It's Unusual;
It's Traditional;
It's fantastic Exercise;
It's for Men and Women and Everybody else;
You'll dance to Live Music;
You'll meet lots of Interesting People;
You'll travel to lots of Interesting Places;
You'll get the thrill and reward of Live Performance; and
Beginners are always welcome!