Our Dancing

Like most Morris teams, Rag have built up a considerable repertoire of dances over the years. In the thirty years we have been dancing some have lapsed, some revived, a few dropped, and most alive and well!

Morris dancing comes in a number of regional styles, e.g. Cotswold, Welsh border, North West, Molly dancing from the fenlands, Rapper from the North-east. Rag Morris dress in Border-style costumes - colourful tatter-jackets - but dance mostly the Cotswold style dances.
Rag Morris has a broad repertoire of about 40 dances from nine different traditions. The repertoire is extensive to keep the old hands interested in brushing up the less common dances, but there are probably a dozen or so dances that we perform most regularly. These are mostly taught in the Autumn or Spring term. But if in the future you see the 'older' members dancing something you like and it doesn't seem to be being taught, do please speak out and we will let you into the secrets!

Our current repertoire with the traditions and the names of the dances we perform is listed here.

As all the dance traditions are different from each other, the foreman will be basically starting each week from scratch, so don't feel that you've missed out on the whole thing if you've missed one practice, as you should be able to pick things up again the next time you can make it. As you come more often, you'll be able to start getting the hang of things and notice the differences between the different dances.

Please check out our 'Introduction to Dancing Morris' page for a bit more about the history and terminology surrounding what we teach.

We dance with...


Photo © P. Rossiter, 2011


Photo © Richard Vigars, 2011

and our bare hands!

Photo © Richard Vigars, 2011