About Rag Morris

Who are we?
Rag Morris are the Morris dance team attached to the University of Bristol and we have one of the longest continuous University connections in the country. Though some of our members are non-students or ex-students, Rag Morris are an officially recognised society of the University of Bristol Students' Union, formed in 1981.

Rag Morris has acquired its own inimitable style over the last thirty years - energetic, colourful, comic, a bit 'off-the-wall' and certainly never boring. We wear brilliantly coloured 'rag shirts' and ribboned bells. Our repertoire comes from the dances of the Cotswold Hills and the wild Welsh Borders, and we dance with sticks, hankies, bare hands and plastic chickens, to the accompaniment of fiddles, melodeons, accordions, whistles and drums. Then there's our faithful, if sometimes slightly alarming, horse called Rags who sometimes dances out with us.

For a great example of the Rag Morris style and spirit check out the fantastic short film 'Dancing the Sun Up' about us and our May Day celebrations created by students at the University of Bristol.

What do we do?
We are a mixed side and always looking for new members to join us. Rag Morris is busy throughout the year dancing out at folk festivals, beer festivals, village fêtes and fairs, pubs, morris ales, wassails and more. With regular practice sessions during university term times. Please check out our future events if you'd liked to see us dance or come chat to us or would simply like to find out what on earth all this morris business is about!

We like to travel (all offers of somewhere to sleep and free travel gratefully accepted!). In 2006 we went to Belgium and visited Volkskunstgroep Boerke Naas, while 2007 featured a tour de France. In 2008 we held a canal tour through Oxfordshire which left us so traumatised (no, really it was tremendous, if wet, fun!) that we stayed at home in 2009 and 2010. In 2011 we ventured abroad once again with a trip to northern France. In 2012 we once again visited our friends in Flanders, Volkskunstgroep Boerke Naas, for their mid-Lent celebrations.

Rag Morris has a wide repertoire of dances, mainly in the Cotswold style but perform wearing traditional Border morris kit.

Rag Morris is a member of The Morris Federation.

Questions? Looking to book us? Then please Contact Us!

Photo © Judith White