Rag Morris

A big hello to all visiting here, whether you're interested in folk music, morris dancing or both, welcome to the Rag Morris and Folk Club website!

Come and see us at our many outings this year. Have a click at our Future Events to find the calendar.

Morris Practices - variable
Due to ongoing building works at the Students Union the next practices will be at varying locations. The next practice on Thursday 5th March will be at 8.00pm in St. Paul's Church in Southville, BS3 1DG, just off Coronation Road. In fact you'll find us same time, same place for Thursday the 12th as well. Keep looking here for further updates, or email ragmorrisrooms@gmail.com to check.

Each week we teach a new dance completely from basics. No fee, no kit needed, just come along with comfy clothes and shoes for an active evening. We'll be heading to a nearby pub afterwards.

JMO Day of Dance
On April 18th Rag Morris will be hosting the Joint Morris Organisations National Day of Dance - for all details of this event please visit: www.jmofdayofdance.com

Photo © Nicola Lambert

We are always happy to consider invitations to dance at festivals, fêtes, wassails, weddings and any other event you can think of! To find out more information please contact: baggingrag@gmail.com

Yes that was us! 24 members of Rag Morris performed on stage with Eric Idle, an opera singer, roller skating nuns, Roman soldiers, angels, Bhangra dancers, Blackheath Morris Men, Scottish pipers and a cross-dressing Welsh rugby choir as part of the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games! What an experience that was for all involved! Well done to all the Raggies who took part. Check out our Olympic pages for details and photos of the event.

New recruits are always welcome. Our Morris teaching year begins in October, so that's when we'll be looking at the easier dances and going on a bit of a recruitment drive, but don't let that stop you - you're welcome along at any time! And if you're musically inclined bring along your instrument and join our band. Get in touch and come, to dance or play, whoever you are! Just drop an email to baggingrag@gmail.com

If you're a UBU member you can join the society by visiting and logging in here or simply Contact Us.